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(Note: I know Sonic Mania has been released already ;3)
The Greatest Sonic Mania "Ad" in Existence x3.
 (Note: Watch from 0:00 until 0:34- It's too long ;3)

Yup, that's right guys it's me CipherDraco54. I'm back form the dead from a Godzilla-sized Grave XD.

But, in a serious note, it's great to see you all again and I'm happy to be here once again after a 2-week absence (technically a Break).

Well.... a few things to say, My recovery may be in a snail's pace right now (2018 will be a whole lot different, as my recovery will hopefully become more rapidly fast :3), but I'm feeling just a gradually better right now and I can't wait to see what all you talented folks have to offer (as I will do my part in the future in this very website, which may begin 2018).

1 other thing that I want 2 say is that I say thanks to all you who have write some heart-warming comments after I "got things out of my chest", it nearly made me tearful but respectful and felt more at home to all those who have replied to my past Journal, it meant a lot to the fact that I not only :heart: the family that I have, but I now have the :heart: to those deviants who made me feel like a family member.

I thank you all so, so much... and I cannot wait to reply to some kick ass artworks. :3   
(I know I have said this already)

Well, my fellow Deviants, Sunday has come and gone, and now it is time 4 me 2 take my Temporary leave. I wish you all good luck and I hope 2 see you all in the October 19th (My Birthday), and also I can't wait 2 see what U all have in store with your wonderful artworks.

Til we meet again, my friends I bid U all a Temporary Farewell :3

BTW: A Special Music (a favorite of mine) for U all 2 remember me by:

My Dear Deviants, I do not come to you a CipherDraco54 or Clayton Blake, I come to you as Elisha Angels (My Real Name) :(.

I feel have to tell you all that I have had a recurring mental problem for the last three years (this year being the 4th). I tried my best to forget these thoughts (and tried to be as happy as can be), but they always seem to come back and kill me in the inside (like a mutant parasite devouring my brain), well eventually since the Las Vegas shootings, it didn't help at the slightest for me to move on. Let me get one thing straight, I do not hate the world, I do not hate life, I do not hate the inhabitants (our species) (well.. at least those who get on with life or don't make trouble to others) and I do not hate education at the slightest, it is that what happened to me those years ago (that was my fault to begin with) made grow this mindset that I do not the will to care no more. What I'm trying to say is that since 2014 and 15 have been (in my eyes) the worst years of my life, I don't wish to give you the details in what I happening, it's too therapeutic and painful too talk about. Nobodies perfect of course, but what I did was really bad (it was a series of misunderstandings of those 2 specific years during conversations with my family (misunderstandings are my kryptonite pretty much)), it made me despise myself, cursed and swear at myself that I'm a disgrace to my family, and one of the most despicable, selfish, rude and ignorant human beings on the planet (I alongside the crap (people who make trouble for others and have nothing else better to do) of this beautiful world are the major problems I have with life right now). 2016 made me admit to myself all the wrongs (at least what remember) that I've done in my life, it made me severely depressed that made me go through a Existential Crisis (that I'm currently going through right now and ongoing), which an where I constantly question the very foundations of my life: whether this life has any meaning, purpose, or value, it was so terrible I occasionally look at photos of me and my families past (and we were happy and had a not perfect, but a well balanced life) that I wanted to break down in anguish and sadness. (I may sound like a broken record) All this made me find no meaning in life anymore that I just don't care... (I don't care what goes on in the news, it's always negative shit (nothing a balance of good and bad anymore), I don't care that North Korea has nothing better to do and decide to make trouble to America and most likely the entire world (Note: I swear, if WW3 commences at any point, I'm giving up on humanity 100%, cause I do not want that shit right now, enough is enough) I don't care for half of the population of my species (we are a destructive race, we don't take responsibility for our mass population, actions and the fact we are slowly destroying most of the world's wildlife to extinction and resources of this beautiful world) Note: and only say to those who are evil selfish losers and do wish to only make trouble to those real human beings who want to get on with their lives), I don't care for what I do in life, I don't like my time in college as used to, that includes education etc. I already have the knowledge and talent to do many things (I plan to make books and pictures of characters of my imagination), but I feel my freedom do that has to wait (I got no choice I guess) and lastly, I do not care for how life goes and it changes anymore (I feel that there is no dignity like it used to (always bad things have to happen)), I feel that I'm aging fast (and this is coming from a nearly-21 year old) and life is moving through my fingertips to the point that I think my life has no meaning anymore, it's just dreadful thoughts). You know what?, I with this depressing crisis I have been through, I could've ended it all, in 2016, I had temporary suicidal thoughts, and they were really bad, I thought at that time just to of shoot myself, hang myself, slid my throat or wrist or even get ran over by a car because I felt that after what I've done in the year of 14 and 15, I did not deserve to live in this world anymore, and the fact I just couldn't take this pain of the constant negativity of we as an intelligent species are doing to this (again) beautiful world (at the time, I was not surprised, cause it looked like it was taking effect, cause I was succumbing to recent eating disorder where it looked like I was eating myself to death, but now, this disorder is slowly declining Praise the Lord). Now those suicidal thoughts (in 2017) have now diminished but unfortunately evolved into a new mindset about not giving a shit about life (and now... an Existential Crisis). Now... it is time to at least to get into some positives now (cause I think I already gone enough talking about my 4-year depression), that in 2018 I will be trying my very best to decline my depression that after I finally finish college (it's my last year now, thank goodness), I will begin my journey on trying to become a creator.. just a creator of things I want to create (Note: Years ago, I wanted to become a Vet, Filmmaker (for mostly Animated Films) and a Video Game Developer, but due to by this ongoing depression (Note: I'm growing a fucking beard which I'm so stubborn to shave to express my fucking depression), I deposed of these goals (Note: "I put them in a vault" (don't ask)) and decided to become well... a Creator), but before that... I want to make a series of books of my own creations, called Toon Squad. Afterwards if everything goes to plan, I even want to to draw arts and crafts (of my characters) and put it in a future art gallery (DA will be a good place for it too (for all you to see my characters and other artworks of mine :))), also by making these books, my major reason is not only to do what I love, but to provide for my family (cause I want to do something in my life for once where it's not always about me, my Mother gave everything to me, but it is now time for me to give something back that can change the way we live forever, away from the crappy shit who attempt to put harm's way into us and to a much more tranquil future, for all of us to be happy :)). 2 Quick random notes: 1. (This one's kinda like a Bad Ending, but I'm not bluffing if it happens), if what I want do in life (especially what I love) does not come to plan at any point or time, even when I want to begin now at 2018, then my depression and lack of remorse will rise at it's unnatural peak, I will do something progressive to make money and after I have enough, I will to go and exile myself to the Galapagos Islands as my Final Refuge for the rest of my life, so that I will not be heard from again, and that I will not go though the shit that this crap of this world is trying to bring us too (but... I will hope for the best for my Family and for the Good People of this Planet who want get on with life, that's the only positive that will come out of me), 2. There was a time I told my Mother of a dream I wanted (but obviously cannot get), that I thought of myself in a peaceful rich, grassy plains and I'm beside a big, tall tree while simply doing arts and crafts (it's just heavenly bliss, that's all). Because I'm a little out of steam, I think I have said enough, I want to thank to those who have red this Journal and I wish you all good luck for now. As in "good luck for now", I'll be taking a break from DA for 2 weeks (just to my head straight on a few things (my future plans especially)) but I come in small occasions to check comments, and will return on the 19th October (which will be my Birthday at that time :)), with a New Icon and most likely bringing up some Deviations on my profile for you all to see my creative drawing of my Characters and other things too :). Well... that wraps up everything, DeviantArt has been the best thing for me of the Summer of 2017 and the many talented Deviants that I have watched, commented and replied to were the absolute best (well... half of them at least), I say now... Farewell my Friends and also to my beloved Neko Blob Children in DA :heart: :heart: :heart: :3 (I will miss you all dearly)

Goodbye for Now :3              
Coming Soon: This Saturday 

(Note: I know Sonic Mania has been released already ;3)
The Greatest Sonic Mania "Ad" in Existence x3.



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